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A La Carte Mince ‘n’ Tatties


A great traditional Scottish dish that’s been around for years, I remember first having this at my Gran and Grandads house when I was little and it’s been a favour Sunday meal ever since.

Normally you would just mix it all together and then cover in table sauce and sometimes put it on a piece (sandwich made from plain bread). I wanted to make it a bit more elegant this time.

Serves 2

400g Scottish Steak Mince

300g of potatoes  (I use the Scott Brand part of Albert Bartlett group, grown in Ayr, Scotland and packed in Airdrie)

2 carrots

1 red onion

1 small tin garden peas

300ml  beef stock

2 tbsp gravy granules

2 Bay Leaves

Salt and pepper

Butter for potatoes

1. Season mince with salt and pepper then brown mince in a little spray olive oil,  add in chopped onion and brown off.

2. Add in carrots, beef stock and bay leaves, bring to boil and then simmer on low heat for about 1hr 15 mins.

3. Meanwhile peel potatoes and bring to boil then simmer for 25 mins until soft.

4. After 1hr 15 mins add peas and gravy granules to mince and cook for further 15 mins.

5. Drain potatoes and mash with butter to taste.

6. Layer potatoes then mince etc on plate and serve with your favourite table sauce….Brown or Red???

There was always a divide  in our house with choice of sauce…lol.😀  yummy!