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Pork, Oat & Chive Square Sausage


There is nothing more I like than a lazy sunday morning breakfast (well after my little morning workout to wake me up). Good breakfast, fresh coffee and orange juice, catching up with the world, reading a little, planning my meals.

Today, I was using up leftovers in the fridge so pork sausages it was, with a little bit of cookingwithluce twist. 🙂


Made 2

2 Pork Sausages (meat removed from skin)

1 tbsp scottish oats

1 tbsp chopped chives

1 tsp nutmeg

Salt & pepper


  1. Mix everything in a bowl, take a small handful and flatten to about 1cm thick
  2. I used my Crisperplate to cook these and it took just 6 minutes. (Turned after 4 minutes)
  3. I also added a few cherry tomatoes onto plate.
  4. I then added 1 large egg onto the crisperplate 1 minute before sausages were ready.
  5. Serve. Yummy good protein breakfast.




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Spinach Scramble Eggs

20150531_110000_resized IMG_20150531_112806_resized

Approx 250 calories per serving. Makes 1 serving. Serve with some lemon hot water for extra metabolism boost.


1 Warburtons Wholemeal Sandwich Thin (Toasted)

2 medium eggs

Handful of Baby Spinach (Chopped)

Small bunch Chives (Chopped) about 1tbsp

1 tsp of cracked black pepper

1 tbsp of extra light cream cheese (I use philli)


1. Whisk together eggs, chives, spinach and pepper in a microwave bowl and heat on full power in microwave (900-1000W) for about 1 minute. I done this for quickness, you can however put into a non stick pan and stir until scrambled.

2. Spread toasted thin with the Cream Cheese and put scrambled eggs on top, season with some pepper and serve.

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Breakfast Muffins

20150419_112252_resized 20150419_112459_resized 20150419_112622_resized

Makes 4 – approx 110 calories per muffin

4 Turkey Rashers – low fat

3 eggs – whisked

1 pepper (of your choice) – chopped

2 spring onions – chopped

handful chives – chopped finely

ground black pepper to taste

2 handfuls of Baby Spinach


1. Preheat oven to 180 deg. Lightly fry turkey in a pan for 5 mins with light spray oil.

2. Meanwhile, whisk eggs and add chives and pepper

3. Spray muffin tray with light oil to prevent sticking. To layer up, place turkey rashers on bottom of each muffin case (I used a cutter to shape them circular so they fit in perfectly), then place the baby spinach in and top with pepper and spring onions.

4. Pour into each one the egg mixture and bake for approx 20 mins.

5. Serve on a bed of spinach….yummy!