62 Amaretto Cheesecake (Sernik z amaretto)

This came from , absolutely looks and sounds amazing, definitely going to try this soon.

aho's homemade food

Have you ever struggled with choosing a perfect dessert when making dinner for your friends? That’d be me yesterday. I’ve created a nice combination of a starter and a main and couldn’t think of a dessert which would complete my dinner. I knew my boyfriend loves cheesecake but I thought it too simple to act as a star at the end of my dinner. So I’ve decided to give it a kick! And that’s how my amaretto cheesecake happened 😉
Worth mentioning, cheesecake is called sernik in Polish and is one of the most loved cakes among Polish people. My boyfriend too, fell in love with Polish rich and creamy sernik immediately, eating it in crazy quantities while in Poland.

My version of cheesecake is a Polish version, too. I didn’t use mascarpone or ricotta cheese. I walked all the way to the Polish shop in town, bought 1kg of…

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