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Superfood Breakfast!


Amazing Superfood Brekkie….just what you need for energy to start the day!

2 x eggs

Handful (50g) Kale

1/2 Avocado

thin slice bread toasted

2 tsp chia seeds

pepper to taste

  1. Poach eggs in a pan for desired time, runny yolk 4 mins, solid yolk about 6 mins.
  2. Meanwhile toast your bread (I use Wholemeal thins 100 calorie)
  3. Steam cook the kale or boil in a pan for about 5 mins.
  4. mash up the avocado
  5. lay out toast, put kale on top, spoon on the avocado, place poached egg on top, sprinkle with chia seeds and garnish with some cracked black pepper.

Serve with a lovely green tea, or coffee. Yummy!


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