A Quick Guide To Fresh Herbs

Excellent information on herbs.

Italian Home Kitchen Blog

478422963Fresh herbs can improve and change the taste of many meals. However, inexperienced chefs are often too scared to experiment with them. It is not easy to decide which herbs to use in certain dishes. Here’s what you need to know:



Great for outdoor cuisine during the summer, this herb is sweet tasting and aromatic. It is leafy, green, fragile and easy to bruise. The leaves can be used whole or torn. Basil is an essential inclusion in tomato and mozzarella salads, and in pesto. It also works well in marinara sauce and on pizzas.



There’s no middle ground when it comes to cilantro, you either adore it or despise it. This herb is bright and unique. It has fragile, small and round leaves with lengthy stems. Commonly, it is used in Mexican, Latin American and Asian dishes. It is included in Thai curries and Vietnamese spring rolls…

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